8 Best Places to Buy Property in Mexico?

Best Places to Buy Property in Mexico

If you are interested in investing in real estate or want to Best Places to Buy Property in Mexico. but have great confusion or trouble in choosing a superb location that suits your pocket and also has prime characteristics. So just go through our article. We are here to help you out in choosing or selecting the prime and great location for you.

One of the alluring, amazing, and trending tourist destinations is Riviera Maya, situated near the southern region of Cancun city. Riviera Maya is a stretch of the Caribbean coastline of the state of Quintana Roo situated on the Yucatan Peninsula in the northeastern region of Mexico.
Investing in the property of Riviera Maya is beneficial for you as it provides you a lucrative deal.
An increase in the influx of tourists in Riviera Maya needs more hotels, restaurants, homes, villas, parks, rental buildings, etc.

Why is It Beneficial For You To Buy a Property in Riviera Maya?

The property of  Riviera Maya is a great source of revenue. Investing in Riviera Maya real estate is a boon for you as tourists are showing the greatest interest to visit here because-

  • Towns off Riviera Maya are known for their famous all-inclusive resort.
  • Riviera Maya is eminent for its reef aquatic activities.
  • It is illustrious for its culture, flora, fauna, beaches and fishing village, archeological reserves, and biosphere reserves.
  • Riviera Maya is embedded with the best geographical features such as a tropical forest, caves, ocean, freshwater bodies, rocky landscape, mangroves swamp, and much more.
  • Climatic atmosphere – rainy season is dominant in all seasons that has been followed by the dry windy season.
  • It gives you the best and unforgettable experience of the Caribbean coastlines.
  • Cancun international airport is the nearest airport that is 50 Km (31 mi) away from Playa Del Carmen, a town in the Riviera Maya.

The Best Places To Buy Property in Mexico

There are many best places in Mexico to buy a property. Some ideal places are mentioned and describe below:-

#1 Tulum

  • If you are planning to buy a property in Mexico in 2021, then Tulum is the best option for you to invest your Money in Real Estate. Hurry up as it is a fast-growing popular town, do not miss the chance to buy a piece of land in a prime area of Mexico. Consult with our real estate legal expert and realtor to know about the greatest offer and discount.
  • Tulum is a town in Riviera Maya, it is famous for its well-preserved ruins, beaches, archeological sites,  and classiness due to which real estate investors show great interest in the property of Tulum.
Best Places to Buy Property in Mexico: Tulum
  • Because it is a fast-growing area there is a good chance of appreciation for your property price.
  • Tulum is one of the foremost places to buy real estate in Mexico for those who love to live a deluxe life.
  • The real estate rate of Tulum is high as compared to other places, it is more expensive for those who want to live as an ex-pat but then also it is a place where you find a great population of ex-pats.
  • Commercial property along the highway is somewhat costly but the difference of pricing in restaurants, hotels, rental houses are not as much as compared to other states and cities.
  • Tulum has a huge area of underdeveloped property and empty lots which is mainly owned by retired investors or indigenous people. Tulum property is mainly owned by land speculators.

#2 Playa Del Carmen

  • It is a town in Riviera Maya. Palm-lined beaches, coral reefs, and carnivals make this town popular. Playa Del Carmen has become one of the most famous cosmopolitan lifestyle towns of the peninsular region.
  • This town has a huge influx of tourists ( approximately 12 million tourists visit here in a recent year) which makes this place the best option to buy a property.
Best Places to Buy Property in Mexico: Playa Del Carmen
  • Real estate investors can receive high enough income from the tenants and visitors.
  • As Playa Del Carmen is a town of Riviera Maya this is enough and satisfying reason to invest in real estate in Playa Del Carmen.
  • Playa Del Carmen offers you a diversity of enjoyments, entertainment, and lifestyles. This place offers you a calm, peaceful, entertaining, funning, night outing, chilling, clubbing, dancing, romantic, and many more types of environment.
  • This place even gives you a touch of the village as well as high-class standard cities. So this is totally up to you which type of life you wanted to spend here.
  • This feature made this town an attractive center for inventors to invest in real estate in Riviera Maya.
  • Playa Del Carmen is the prime and supreme location to buy the cheapest beachfront property in 2021.
  • This place is loved by ex-pats and retirees to spend the rest of their lives with.

#3 Cancun

  • In recent years Cancun has become the popular city to invest in real estate in Mexico.
  • It is a city bordering the Caribbean sea situated on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.
Best Places to Buy Property in Mexico; Cancun
  • Cancun city gets popularity for its spectacular turquoise blue sea, fascinating beaches of fine white sand, excellent land and air connectivity, top-class hotels, deluxe resorts, high profiled buildings infrastructure, and unparalleled weather.
  • Cancun city offers a cheap as well as luxurious life to live. This quality makes Cancun a favorite tourist destination city.
  • Cancun city grants you good-price property accommodation. The rental rate in Cancun city provides you a good source of income.
  • Both Short time investment and long-time investment in real estate in Cancun are beneficial for you.

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#4 Puerto Vallarta

  • Puerto Vallarta is classified as one of the best places to buy a property in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is a marvelous resort town situated on Mexico’s Pacific coast, in Jalisco state.
  • It is one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations and is known for its spectacular coves with beaches, water sports, local resorts, nightlife scene, marine life, high-end villas, and condos on the hillside which gives alluring views of the bay.
Best Places to Buy Property in Mexico: Puerto Vallarta
  • Puerto Vallarta has three prime regions, Old Town, Centro, and The Zona Romantica. These three regions are the most famous and popular for ex-pats to invest in real estate in Mexico and all the major tourist activities happened in these zones.
  • Buying properties of these zones provide stable income sources and also returns you a big buck in the future.
  • To buy the cheapest house for sale in 2021, real estate in Puerto Vallarta offering great discounts to know about discounted offers contact our real estate consultant.
  • The rental market of Puerto Vallarta is expat-friendly. Resorts rental rates are very fair compared to other areas of Canada or the United States.

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#5 Los Cabos

  • Cabo San Lucas is famous for its world-class golf course, beaches, eye-catching coastline, water-based activities, nightlife, and luxurious hotels and resorts. Los Cabos is rated under the top 5 tourist destination places in Mexico.
  • Los Cabos is a stunning resort city situated on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula.
Best Places to Buy Property in Mexico: Los Cabos
  • It is Mexico’s famous travel destination from all over the world.
  • Los Cabos is a great and best city to buy a property in Mexico.
  • The buildings have a wonderful and amazing infrastructure.
  • It is a perfect and ideal place to buy luxury real estate in Mexico.
  • To get more details, contact our real estate agent in Los Cabos.

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#6 Bahia de Navidad

  • To buy real estate in Mexico, Bahia de Navidad is the safest and affordable choice.
  • Presently the property rates are slowing down in Bahia de Navidad which makes it the best option to buy and invest in a property of Bahia de Navidad in the years 2021 and 2022.
  • The global recession and narco-violence news are the two main reasons behind the lowering of the price rate in real estate in Bahia de Navidad. Real estate rates dropped from 10% to 20%.
  • Bahia de Navidad is a small spectacular town in the state of Jalisco and is situated on the western coastline of the Mexican country.
Best Places to Buy Property in Mexico: Bahia de Navidad
  • Its beaches serve as an attraction center for the tourist and it has a well-defined tourist season. November through March are the months when the tourist reaches here in peak quantity.
  • The major revenue depends on the American and Canadian-based retirees who loved to spend their remaining life here.
  • The rental market is very strong here and it is growing day by day.
  • Tourists, retirees, and visitors loved beachfront property to live in.
  • Real estate agents of Mexico provide you with the best bargaining and discounted houses and property in Bahia de Navidad.
  • To earn more you only need to speak a little and basic Spanish and have to show super friendly behavior with their local and common people and also with your tenants.

#7 Durango

  • Durango is undoubtedly one of the great and best places to buy a property if you are looking for the best and reasonable real estate price in Mexico.
  • Victoria de Durango (Durango) is the capital of the state Durango, in Mexico. It is Mexico’s second-lowest population density city because of which there are vacant lots available.
Best Places to Buy Property in Mexico: Durango
  • Durango has great ecological importance as it is surrounded by mountains, forests, semi-deserts, and valleys.
  • Durango has great historical and cultural values, natural preserves, scenic waterfalls, and hot springs.
  • Durango also serves as a Hollywood movie shooting spot as at least 140 Hollywood movies are shot here.
  • The state of Durango gives you the true spirit and feel of Mexico.
  • Here you can buy a luxurious home at low prices. The real estate attorney of Mexico offers heavy discounts and bargaining on the property of Durango.
  • Investment in the property of Durango is the supreme choice if you want to do a small investment in real estate in Mexico.
    There is one major problem faced by an ex-pat in Durango city as their people did not speak the English language.

#8 Guanajuato

  • Guanajuato is another town where you get reasonable and affordable prices to buy a property. Bargaining and lower rate interest of the real estate in Guanajuato make Guanajuato the best place to buy a property in Mexico.
  • Guanajuato is a city in central Mexico. It is famous for its colonial and historical architecture and is also known for its historical and cultural aesthetics.
Best Places to Buy Property in Mexico: Guanajuato
  • Annual theatre and arts festivals are commonly celebrated here.
  • Since Guanajuato is a historic city center, there are almost many properties and houses that are converted into ruins and require new growth.
  • Due to the narco-violence news in Mexico, realtors lower the rate of Guanajuato property.
  • Guanajuato is a good choice if you want to buy a property for rental purposes as this city has a huge crowd of ex-pats.
  • Guanajuato is a superb option to invest in real estate in Mexico in 2021.
  • Beware of frauds and the price rate of real estate in Guanajuato as there is so much flexibility and hiked-in rates of property.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Americans Buy Property in Mexico?

    An American resident can definitely buy a property in Mexico. Consult with our Real Estate attorney for more information.

  2. What is The Safest City to Live in Mexico?

    Bahia de Navidad is the safest city to live in Mexico. Read our article to explore more about Bahia de Navidad.

  3. How Much Money Do I Need To Live Comfortably in Mexico?

    An individual needs $600 – $2,000 per month to live in Mexico.

  4. Is Mexico a Good Country to Invest in the Real Estate?

    here is a big yes if you are thinking of investing in real estate in Mexico. The real estate industry is a fast-growing and developing industry in Mexico.
    You get great deals, benefits, and a return of revenue in the future on investing in Mexico’s property.

  5. Where is the Most Affordable Beachfront Property in Mexico?

    Playa Del Carmen, Bahia de Navidad, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun are some of the best places in Mexico where you can get affordable beachfront property.

  6. Is 2021 a Good Year for Buy Real Estate in Mexico?

    Of course yes, 2021 is a good year to invest in real estate in Mexico as realtors lower their rate of interest because of the coronavirus crisis and also because the real estate industries are presently rising in Mexico.

  7. What Are the Risks of Buying a Real Estate in Mexico?

    Risk factors to buy real estate are everywhere whether it is your own country or any foreign land. The only option to risk is to be cautious, do the proper official paperwork, consult a good real estate lawyer, and please don’t get lured.